DMTL Sign Viking Tech Franchise

Posted By: dmtl on 17/03/2011 02:09

Viking Tech joins DMTL’s already comprehensive franchise line-up and increases still further the company’s ability to provide its customers with the latest in passive component technology.

According to Pete Jones, DMTL’s Commercial Manager, Viking Tech leads the way when it comes to developing and manufacturing components that satisfy the growing demands for higher performance combined with smaller size.

“Not only that, but Viking Tech has invested heavily in manufacturing facilities enabling the company to supply product on lead-times much shorter than its competition.” Says Pete Jones. “As an example, we can now provide quantities of industry standard MELF resistors in just four to six weeks which is much shorter than product from other manufacturers. I expect to see a lot of interest from customers who need key passive components quickly.” He adds.

Key to Viking Tech’s success is its ability to combine the technical advantages of thin film processes with the cost benefits of thick film technology. This has allowed Viking Tech to develop complete ranges of unique precision resistors, current sensing resistors and RF inductors. With manufacturing tolerances down to 0.01% and TCR’s down to just 5ppm, Viking Tech has become one of the leading manufacturers of ultra-precision devices.
The agreement with DMTL takes immediate effect. DMTL will hold some stock and customers will be interested to learn that minimum order quantities can be as low as a single reel.