AVX TAC Micro Tantalum Capacitors

Posted By: dmtl on 06/02/2008 10:00

The TACmicrochip range is available in EIA Industry Standard packages ranging from 0402 to 1206. It offers the highest energy store in an 0603 or 0805 case size; enhanced high frequency operation through unique ESR performance with temperature and voltage stability.

DMTL also offer the Low Profile AVX TACmicrochip available in 0402 and 0805 EIA packages and an 1105 Custom case size.  The flexibility of the TACmicrochip gives the ability to produce parts with a profile as low as 0.60mm (maximum) with a maximum CV of 4.7uF @ 4V in an 0805 footprint.  DMTL stock the complete range of the standard TACmicrochip with 'lead free' terminations and can supply the Low Profile variant at very competitive lead times.


Data can be downloaded from our product pages or on the link below :-

TAC Series
TAC (Low Profile Series)