Holystone Safety and High Voltage Capacitors

Posted By: dmtl on 06/02/2008 10:30

As an introduction to the Holystone range, we preview two components specifically designed for high power applications.

The SMD ceramic capacitors in the SCC range have a rated voltage of 240Vrms and their small size and high capacitance means they are ideally suited for X2/Y3 and X1/Y2 safety applications in equipment. Used for lightning and surge protection, EMI filtering and isolation the SCC series meets the electrical requirements of EN132400 for class X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 devices. (See data for specific details)

The HVC range of MLCC products are rated at even higher voltages, 3KVdc and 8KVdc and are designed for use in power applications such as back-light inverters, DC-DC converters, modems and power supplies. The construction of these components is such that special terminations and internal electrode design reduces the instances of cracking and improves voltage ratings. Available in capacitances of 2pF-2.2uF the HVC range is supplied as a surface mount component which can be wave or flow soldered.

Data can be downloaded from our product pages or on the link below :-

SCC Series
HVC Series