AVX TAW Fused Tantalum Capacitors

Posted By: dmtl on 06/02/2008 10:40

AVX Corporation has developed a family of fused tantalum capacitors that feature an internal fuse to protect against short circuits and damaging high DC leakage currents.

Designated the TAW series, the tantalum capacitor will remove itself from the circuit and into "fail safe mode" when the internal fuse exceeds the current limit.

The rugged TAW fused tantalum capacitor provides high capacitance values, up to 100uF, high insulating resistance (ESR). The components are ideally suited to high reliability applications including aerospace, automotive, servers and telecoms infrastructure products.

The TAW Fused Tantalum Capacitors offer protection from possible damaging short circuit failure modes. This is accomplished with an internal fuse using thin film technology that is in series with the capacitor. The AVX fused tantalum offers lower ESR limits than competitive fused tantalum capacitors.

Manufactured using thin film technology, the TAW Series is one of the industry's only tantalum capacitor series to combine high reliability and an ultra-fast response time with short circuit failure mode protection. Unlike conventional devices that incorporate an embedded lead wire fuse, the TAW tantalum Capacitor series is lead-free and RoHS compliant.

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TAW Series